jonathan kadzura 24.09.10.jpgBusiness leaders say the latest projected economic growth rate of 8.1 % is achievable considering economic developments in the agriculture and mining sectors.

Following the announcement by the Finance Minister, Tendai Biti on the latest economic growth rate projections for the year of 8.1%, business leaders say the target is achievable considering an upsurge in demands of the country’s mineral resources.

Business analyst, Mr. Jonathan Kadzura said agriculture is the country’s fastest growing sector and has remained the mainstay of the economy which has been proved by the deliveries at the tobacco auction floors of 120 million kilogrammes.

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce Deputy President, Mr. Oswel Binha said the economic rebound has been fostered by the uniformity among political leaders in pronouncing economic policies and the realisation by investors that there is no going back on indigenisation and economic empowerment regulations.

Initially the economy had been projected to grow by 7.7 %, but due to slow economic performance it was later revised downwards to 5.4 % during the Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Review.

The revised targets projects that exports will increase from US$1.5 billion of last year to US$2.2 billion , while imports will increase from US$3.2 billion to US$3.5 billion.