jonathan kadzura 24.09.10.jpgBusiness leaders have commended ZANU PF for expressing the need to take 100% ownership of foreign companies that fail to call for the lifting of illegal economic sanctions imposed on the country by their parent nations saying it has been long overdue.


The comments by business leaders follow resolutions passed during the 11th National People’s Conference in Mutare over the weekend that foreign firms should call for the lifting of illegal economic sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Senator Guy Georgias said for a long time the Zimbabwean government has put in place policies which protect foreign investments, but has instead received a slap in the face as such companies have not been willing to partner government on issues that affect economic growth.

He said the failure by foreign companies operating in Zimbabwe to call for the lifting of sanctions is a clear indication that they are not willing to work in the country.

Businessman and farmer, Mr. Jonathan Kadzura said it is important for foreign companies to add their voices in condemning illegal sanctions and urge their respective countries to lift them.

He added that government should adopt the same method which was used in the land reform if foreigners fail to cooperate.

Zimbabwe has been reeling under illegal economic sanctions imposed on the country by the west.

ZANU PF has been the loudest in calling for the immediate lifting of these sanctions which have almost paralyzed government, local industry and the whole economy while other political parties have not shown total commitment on the issue.