It is a script that could strike humour and raise a few questions.

Some vendors in Zvishavane are conducting business at a site set up in the bush.

Running alongside the town’s sewer plant, the thriving market is a spectacle in the mining town.

Running alongside the town’s sewer plant, the path which winds into Zvishavane town’s central business district is playing host to serious trading activity.

Vendors have set shop in the busy area and their story is one of striking opportunity next to where a majority of people are found, they say.

These vendors do agree that there are designated places which council assigned as markets but they are not what they want.

Their concern is that they found an empty space where most people pass through.

No toilets, no water, and not even shelter from the rain and the sun, but the inspiration is none other than the dollar at this thriving market in the  bush.

It’s not exactly true if necessity is the mother of invention can pass off in the context of these vendors, for certainly it’s their choice which has seen them set up market here.

It’s also a catch 22 situation. If these vendors approach council for such facilities as toilets and tapped water, the authority will definitely demand they start paying.

As things remain, they are content doing business in the bush.