The thrust by government to continuously promote business in the nation is reaping rewards for Masvingo’s construction sector.

In past years, many businesses took a dip, with most either downsizing or ceasing operations altogether.

With the government’s thrust on rebuilding the economy, local construction firm Jadecon has taken on major projects in the past few months, an indication of the imminent rise of the economy.

Jadecon Managing Director, Mr Sternley Mhande Kondongwe said he is hopeful that business will get even better.

“We are in the construction sector and while it had taken a dip in the past years, we have started seeing an improvement in the sector in the past few months. It is not something which can happen overnight but we are glad that things are now improving,” he said.

With a work force of over 200 employees, Mr Kondongwe said a change in the way of doing business at most government departments has also ushered in hope, adding that priority should not be on solving foreign currency issues.

“There are offices where you take a really long time to get papers processed and this negatively affected business but now we see a significant change,” he said.

According to Mr kondongwe, if fellow business people take up the aggressive business approach as is being encouraged by the government, the country’s economy will indeed thrive.