geshom pasi.jpgThe business community has been urged to take advantage of advances in the Information and Communication Technology that can be used to foster the growth of the economy.

With the world fast becoming a global village, more institutions are adopting the use of information communication technology, a move which is more convenient and efficient in terms of service delivery.


The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is now implementing systems e-filling, a method which will enable the corporate world to submit their tax returns online.


ZIMRA Commissioner Mr. Geshom Pasi said the development comes in line with the progress being achieved in the region with regards to the revenue collection and technology advancement.


“We now live in an electronic world and to be left out  is not a strategic decision to be lagging behind. I urge the business community to move with times and embrace the new era of technology,”said Mr. Pasi.


He said it is strategic for the corporate world to transform their systems and keep abreast of the trends in other economies.


Customs Unions across the world are adopting new ways of improving revenue collection and ensuring uniform application of legislation and procedures, control of illicit traffic and production of timely and reliable statistics.