The business community is seeking stable economic policies to make informed sustainable planning systems on new projects as well as expand current operations.

Future business planning models are determined by the stable economic conditions that provide a platform for financial budgeting and revenue projections.

Zimbabwe Network of Customs and Excise chairman Mr Elisha Tshuma said companies are, therefore, pinning hopes on recent assurances by Treasury that there won’t be any major policy shifts in order to sustain business activities.

“We hope that the Treasury will walk the talk about the policy shifts so that we can be able to plan ahead,” he said.

However, it is also the role of the private sector in complementing efforts being put in place by the government to restore business confidence through stable operating conditions, notes the Federation of African Engineers Association president Engineer Martin Manuwa.

“The private sector should also support government’s initiatives so as to restore confidence in business by creating conducive operating environments to achieve economic growth,” Mr Manuwa said.

Stable economic conditions are being considered by the business community as the key factor that will also facilitate fresh capital injection  by potential investors.