Members of the recently launched Bushozhi Piggery Project in Hwange East are upbeat the pilot programme will improve the livelihoods of the villagers and make meaningful contribution to the country’s overall pig production.

Kasibo villagers under Chief Hwange who recently established the Bushozhi Pig-rearing Project are convinced that with relevant support and training in piggery, the scheme has the potential to make substantial contribution to the country’s overall pig production.

The income generating project got a major boost as Zanu PF legislator Cde Molly Mkandhla donated ten pigs.

Beneficiaries applauded the legislator for the gesture and the revolutionary party for its broad-based empowerment policy.

Cde Mkandhla stressed the party’s commitment is improving the livelihoods of villagers in different communities across the country through rolling out such empowerment initiatives.

Zanu PF Mashala ward chairman and project coordinator Cde Wisdom Neshavi said there are plans to take the initiative to other wards in the district to ensure that more people benefit from the empowerment scheme.

Demand for pork in Zimbabwe remains high with calls for more small-holder farmers to venture into pig rearing business.