car spinning in h.jpgZimbabwe and South African spinners showcased their spinning prowess at the BMW Burn Out Competition held at Borrowdale Race Course , where accomplished South African spinner, Sunesh Pursad emerged the winner.

It was a pure adrenalin rush at Borrowdale Race course as Sunesh Pursad’s ability to manouvre his BMW in a small space at high speed while spinning the rear tyres wowed the crowd who took great delight in his performance as the car skidded dangerously close to the crowd of spectators clustered behind the wall of tyres encircling the arena.

Burn Out contests are judged on crowd response, with style and attitude being important factors , it therefore came as no surprise that Sunesh was adjudged the winner by the large crowd.


The 25 year old South African, regarded as a dare devil in spinning circles beat several other Zimbabwean and South Africa spinners as he cemented his standing as an accomplished performer.


Zimbabwe’s Curtis Smith, finished second to bring to light his growing status as a top class spinner. Sunesh hailed the Burn Out competition at the race course as one of the best ever.

“This has been such a great competition and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The crowd was amazing and the attendance was truly pleasing”said  Sunesh.

Female guest spinner Khalida Bin Ali who showcased her ability said she hopes to see more women taking up the sport.

“Anyone can be a spinner. All it requires is dedication and I hope more women will get involved in the sport so that it grows among females,” said Bin Ali.

The Burn Out competition pitted BMWs only while guest spinners demonstrated their ability in a wide range of cars.


Another big spinning fiesta is in the pipeline and will be held sometime in December.