boka auction floors.pngThe sale of burley tobacco has kicked off at Boka Auction Floors with farmers expressing happiness that the TIMB has finally secured a buyer for their crop.
After three months of uncertainty while the TIMB was searching for a buyer, burley tobacco farmers finally heaved a sigh of relief when their crop went on sale for the first time this year.

Despite the value of the crop having depreciated due to the long period spent in the warehouse, the farmers expressed confidence that the sale of the crop will enable them to recoup costs incurred.

“We feel relieved that finally our crop has got a buyer,” said a farmer who spoke to ZBC News.

In an interview with ZBC News, TIMB Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andrew Matibiri said the prices are satisfactory adding that more farmers are expected to deliver their crop.

“We are expecting 750 burley tobacco farmers to deliver their crop,” said Mr Matibiri.

500 tones of burley tobacco are expected to be sold with 200 tones having already been delivered to the auction floors.

The average price for day one was US$2 compared to last year’s US$1.50 on the opening day.