burley tobbacco.jpgBurley tobacco farmers are up in arms with an organisation which represents them, Air Cured Tobacco Association, which they accuse of swindling them of their money.

The farmers say the Air Cured Tobacco Association is reaping from where they have not sown.

The farmers accuse the association of deducting money from their cheques for services not rendered.

It is also alleged the association which has no offices entered into an agreement with farmers that there will be no money deductions from farmers earnings this season.

“We have not received any help from this organisation….,” said one farmer.

Contacted for comment, Air Cured Tobacco Association president, Mr. Clemence Mahachi denied the allegations.

However, he was out of depth to explain how the association signed agreements to the effect that no deductions will be made this season and alleged that he was forced by the contract farmers to sign.

“I was forced to sign the paper…..,” he said.

The selling of burley tobacco commenced on Thursday at the Boka Auction Floors, with prices ranging between 30 cents and $2.50 per kilogramme.