For many elderly people a day spend with grandchildren around showing love is a day well spent.  

It was all smiles for the elderly kept at Bumhudzo Old People’s Home as they spend their day yesterday with church youths from different denominations who brought in local gospel musicians and donated some foodstuffs.

The elderly taken care of at Bumhudzo Old People’s Home could not hide their joy after being remembered by young worshippers from different church denominations who visited them over the weekend.

Considering that they spend much of their time indoors doing next to nothing some end up feeling neglected by the society hence a day like this is special.

It is society’s responsibility to look after the elderly said Purple Pride leader Emmanuel Muchawa

Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province Cde Miriam Chikukwa who previously donated meat to three old people’s homes in Harare said plight of the elderly is a cause for concern as most of these homes are donor dependent.

The older persons’ act makes it mandatory to look after the elderly and make sure that their rights are protected.

However, it is also high time that the vulnerable group’s homes be modelled in a manner that they become self sustained and move away from the old concept that is mainly donor dependent.