The scars of being a victim of bullying have remained permanent for 21-year old Wonder Mabhoko from Chibuwe who is now appealing for a wheelchair after he failed to access medical treatment for a spinal cord damage leading to his condition deteriorating.

He was only 10 when he met his fate.

Testimonies from the Chibuwe community reveal Mabhoko was a talented sprinter and had a promising educational career but all that was shattered after bullies attacked him leading to his paralysis.

The now 21 year old painfully reflects on that fateful day when he met the two bullies who were supposedly aged around 18 years then.

My father was ill when I was attacked and could not help my situation. After being attacked I later had problems in walking hence my condition now,” said Wonder.

Wonder says he was referred to seek the services of a neurosurgeon for urgent attention but poverty stopped him from accessing the specialist medical care and this has complicated his situation as he is now paralysed and is constantly in pain.

The level of pain affecting my body is at times very high, hence it is the reason why I am appealing for assistance to get specialist medical care. He says he is living in agony as pain is affecting him from the waist to the rest of his body, hence the need for medical attention as well as a wheel chair,” he added.

His mother Emily Chanje says Wonder’s condition deteriorated as there was no money to seek specialist services.

A family friend Leslie Sibiya says efforts to correct the situation are being sought from a local church through prayers but his condition continues to worsen.

The major problem facing the family is raising money for Wonder’s medical bills compounded by the situation that he is not able to walk,” said Sibiya.

Although justice never prevailed, Wonder’s only plea now is to get assistance towards securing specialist medical services hoping it will lessen the pain and possible a wheelchair to allow him to be mobile.

Those willing to assist can get hold of Leslie Sibiya on 0771178150.