Property worth over $400 000 was reduced to ashes after a fire engulfed the Unity Village yesterday evening.

The Fire Brigade team had to save the situation after containing the inferno from spreading to nearby buildings.

It’s a somber atmosphere at the Unity Village as the budding entrepreneurs are counting their losses as their wares were razed down following an inferno that engulfed the traders’ market yesterday evening.

Reports say some of the traders had to be ferried to hospital as news filtered through that they had lost over 20 years of investment to the fire.

Though the cause of the inferno is still unknown as the firefighting team indicated that they are still compiling a report, Unity Village security supervisor Mr Tinashe Ndlovu who was on duty during the night of the incident suspects it could have been caused by an electrical fault.

“It was around 2130 hours when I was manning the premises. I noticed a power blackout around the place and went to make a report. As I came out of the report room I realised that one of the vending stall had caught fire. I then informed the Fire Brigade who arrived on time to put the fire out,” he said.

Some of the traders at the market said they lost all their investments including cash and are now appealing to government to give them a boost so that they can have a fresh start.

The reports of some people losing huge sums of cash stashed in the vending stalls has rekindled debate on the need for Zimbabweans to reconsider banking their money with financial institutions for safe keep.

Stakeholders have also raised the need for people to invest in insurance business so that they have a back-up plan in times of such accidents.