Bulawayo youths came together today to shun drug and alcohol abuse while appealing to the society to believe in their dreams for new ideas to shape the future of the country as they marked the International Youth Day in belated celebrations held in the City of Kings.

The youths began their celebrations with a march from the city centre to the Centenary Park as they sought to increase awareness against destructive habits like engaging in prostitution and dangerous addictive substances among others.

Bulawayo junior mayor, his warship Councilor Admire Dube and some youths who participated in the awareness campaign said society needs to believe in their innovations and support them for a bright future.

Organisers of the event, Elevate Trust Director Miss Sicelo Dube said she is humbled by the potential of young people particularly in the rural areas who have managed to come up with impressive problem solving initiatives through her organisation’s schools and communities’ innovative hubs initiatives.

“We are working with schools and universities where we are increasing the appreciation of science and technology initiatives with a view to improve the lives of the young people. We have seen amazing innovations from young people particularly in rural areas where others have come up with ways to process tomatoes to several products and we intend to continue targeting youths so that the country can have a reliable future generation,” she said.

The United Nations (UN) has set aside the 12th of August as the International Youth Day as a way to celebrate the achievements of the world’s youth annually and this year, the celebrations were held under the theme, “Safe Spaces for Youth”.