The City of Bulawayo is set to receive 26 megalitres of water from the Epping Forestry project at Nyamandlovu which is part of the city’s water augmentation programme.

The Bulawayo City Council in partnership with Zimbabwe National Water Authority has invested $5.2 million in the water project at Nyamandlovu where high yielding boreholes have been drilled to help improve water supply to the city.

Bulawayo was in 2015 subjected to punitive water shedding during the drought years an issue that led to the establishment of the water augmentation strategy said the project manager Engineer Loel Mbatha during a tour of the project.

The Epping Forest initiative was mooted in year 2000 but was shelved due to financial challenges.

The project includes a 2.3 million litre resevoir, 4 water pumps a 7.5 km pipeline set to move water into tanks for purification.

Bulawayo Mayor Martin Moyo said the city’s community appreciates the efforts being done by the two institutions and the investment from the Water Investment Fund where residents also contribute.

The city`s water supply is currently in a stable state following good rains last year.