The move by the Bulawayo City Council to sell stands and charge rates in foreign currency has been met with stiff resistance from residents who are saying it will trigger landlords to charge tenants in foreign currency.

Bulawayo residents say the decision is unreasonable and will not help except to encourage those with properties to charge rentals in foreign currency making people suffer.

The move taken by the Bulawayo City Council offers a 50 percent discount for residents who pay their rates in foreign currency.

In a statement issued on the 24th of December, Bulawayo town clerk Mr Christopher Dube cited that the City of Bulawayo has not been exempted from the recent macro-economic downturn which has affected the entire nation with the city’s financial position having depleted forcing the city fathers to implement austerity measures to ensure continued service delivery.

“The introduction of foreign currency payments is not mandatory but low density residential stands are to be pre-sold to beneficiaries in foreign currency,” he said.

The press release further highlighted that with effect from the 24th of December 2018 all international organisations operating within Bulawayo should pay their rates in foreign currency.