The City of Bulawayo held a day of prayer and thanksgiving in appreciation of the blessing of rains that characterised Zimbabwe’s summer cropping season this year.

The thanksgiving day was held at the large City Hall this Thursday.

The Bulawayo City Council brought together the city fathers, pastors of various churches and the community of Bulawayo for prayer and thanksgiving for the plentiful rains.

Umzingwane, Mtshabezi, Upper Ncema and Lower Ncema among other dams are spilling and will be able to supply the City of Kings with water for at least five years.

The good rains, have however adversely affected the conditions of the roads leaving a loud call for city fathers to deal with the situation.

The city is grateful for having leaders who realise the need to be grateful to the Almighty for the rain that has brought a bountiful harvest not only in Bulawayo but countrywide.

With challenges of water rationing having characterised events in the City of Kings, the abundant rains have brought huge relief to the city.