A director for a Bulawayo based contractor, Interspect Builders has landed himself in hot soup after he allegedly duped a Namibian based doctor by breaching some contractual agreements, diverting some funds and putting up a sub-standard structure that has since been condemned by the City Council in a move that could have prejudice the doctor thousands of dollars.

A copy of an agreement which both parties do not dispute between the contractor’s director Mr Mtandazo Mazivisa and Dr Loid Magweta indicates that Interspect Builders had initially agreed to construct a foundation of house number 16137  Parklands being the property of Dr Magweta at a cost of around US$12 000 by February this year.

However, documents produced by the doctor indicate that the cost ballooned to around US$15 000 and the aggrieved party complied paying a total of US$14 600, only to visit the site by July to realise that nothing much had been done while substandard products had been used for the construction.

A surveyor’s report signed by the City Council’s director of engineering services has since condemned most parts of the building which now awaits demolition meaning the doctor might have been prejudiced thousands of dollars prompting him to seek legal services.

The contracting firm’s director, Mr Mazivisa said he now pleads with the doctor’s legal team to come up with a payment plan to restitute the aggrieved part since he agrees with most of the allegations levelled against him.

Since the introduction of the multi-currency regime, a number of people have fallen prey to unscrupulous business people who have found the greenback highly tempting but failed to deliver on agreed promises.