The United College of Education in Bulawayo is taking great pride in teaching imbube dances to student teachers with the main aim of preserving Zimbabwean culture through dance.

Acapella versions such as ‘Rega Kusarira’ by Amabhubesi and ‘Unity’ by Black Umflosi are some of the songs done through imbube.

This type of singing and dance is mainly done in South Africa where vocal music takes centre stage.

Some of the famous groups include South African group Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

In Zimbabwe, the United College of Education in Bulawayo is taking this type of dance and acapella to another level by teaching student teachers the importance of this genre.

These dances are self reflective for the entire community because all music and dances are communal events.

The name Imbube comes from the Zulu word bhubesi meaning the lion.

It also describes how some songs are presented through acapella harmonies accompanied by dancing.

Ethnic diversity is also a key factor in influencing the dances of the Zimbabwean culture.

Dance to Zimbabweans is a very spiritual and powerful tool that carries on traditions and chronicles the important events of history and culture of the country.