Some enterprising Mutare residents have taken advantage of lack of proper waste management in the city by turning trash into cash and in the process sustaining their families.

A visit to Mutare’s waste dumpsite is a clear testimony that while others discard what they think is trash to some it is an opportunity to make money.

For 17 years, Nesbert Sango has been earning a living through supplying empty plastic bottles and cardboard boxes from the dumpsite to those in the recycling business.

“I don’t even remember when I started this business but ever since I started it I have realised it pays well. I am in the business with my children. We live lives just like people who are formally employed. We are better than those who just sit and do nothing,” said Sango.

The issue, has however brought to the fore the  need for, local authorities to invest in proper waste disposal facilities.

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has therefore urged Mutare City Council to seriously consider setting up a proper disposal facility.

“What I can say is that this a dumpsite but as you have seen people are here scavenging for waste and you see children are also involved in the line of business which is also risky and has some implications as they are doing it with bare hands at the dumpsite. The City of Mutare has to put in place a proper disposal facility which meets international standards,” said EMA Manicaland Provincial Manager, Mr Kingstone Chitotombe.

As the country moves towards sustainable clean environments, proper waste disposal has become critical, hence the need for local authorities to invest in modern solid waste disposal infrastructure.