The government has been called upon to invest more funds towards building a vibrant government website as a key enabler of ZIMASSET which provides a link between the state, community and investors in line with the ease of doing business.

The Office of the President and Cabinet, the government internet services providers and a cross section of experts in information, communication and technology are convergingĀ  at ZIPAM in Darwindale for a workshop to brainstorm on how best to upgrade government an0d private sectors websites so that they can match global standards.

The senior principal director in the Office of the President and Cabinet Ambassador Mary Mubi told ZBC News on the sidelines of the workshop that the meeting with ICT experts is meant to create a vibrant and reliable Zimbabwe government search brand to promote the ease of doing business.

Computer Society of Zimbabwe administrator Fisher Mavaza says upgrading the government website will play a pivotal role towards providing a reliable link with communities, business and investors.

Fundamentals of the website design process, website content and how it is generated and quality control, government emails and their importance to communication and the role of the Ministry of ICT to facilitate capacity building of government ICT personnel also came under the spotlight at the workshop.