The 2018 national budget presentation by Finance and Economic Planning Minister Cde Patrick Chinamasa which consolidated government expenditure as well as key reforms to investment has attracted a huge consensus among industry leaders who are ready to support the new thrust.

The feeling among business leaders is that the budget presentation provided a refreshing outlook, especially the bold approaches to consolidation of fiscal expenditure and providing clarity on the indigenisation policy.

At a post budget review meeting organised by the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) held in the capital this Friday, industry leaders praised the Finance Minister for outlining some concrete measures to deal with  factors that had continued to weigh down the performance of the country’s economy.

Amid strong steps to ensure a sustainable tax base, the Minister announced a raft of measures which have also been applauded by industry.

Cde Chinamasa noted that now that the budget has been presented, the ball is now in the court of the private sector to drive the economy, by promoting productivity and increasing exports.

On the part of government, the Minister says they are intensifying re-engagement efforts with the international community.

One theme that prevailed during the meeting is that the policies articulated in the budget presentation should be monitored and implemented as soon as possible.