british-flag.jpgPolitical analyst Mr Gabriel Chaibva says the double standards of the British have now been exposed as they are now facing the same situation Zimbabwe faced after the 2008 election where a deal for an inclusive government was reached after none of the three main parties garnered a parliamentary majority.


The British poll results are out and the centre right Conservatives have won more seats that Gordon Brown’s Labour party, in Thursday’s fiercely contested vote. However the Conservatives failed to garner the majority needed to form an effective government.
In a definite case of chickens coming home to roost, the British who were on the forefront of ridiculing the formation of the inclusive government in Zimbabwe are now facing the same predicament.


Gordon Brown of Labour and his rival David Cameron of the Conservatives have both offered to form an alliance with the smaller liberal democrats as they jostle for power.


Political analyst Mr Chaibva says the challenge that confronted Zimbabwe in 2008 has now presented itself to the British doorstep and has exposed their double standards.

The Conservative party came in first with 306 seats in the 650 seat parliament, followed by Brown’s Labour party with 258.


The Liberal Democrats came third with 57 seats. Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats held meetings with party members to discuss possible coalition with the Conservatives or Labour.  Clegg who is now being touted as the king maker is this Sunday expected to meet both Labour and the Conservatives separately.    


He is seeking to push for reform of the electoral system with the party he is likely to join in a coalition government.  Clegg has indicated he wants to talk first to the Conservatives.