zanu pf logo.jpgWe note with great concern the riots that have rocked the United Kingdom and that country’s government’s response to the situation.

What the British government has been experiencing in the last few days is what they have been sponsoring in North Africa and more recently in Malawi.

The British government’s decision, particularly that of Prime Minister David Cameroon to deploy over 16 000 armed police officers with instructions to use whatever means and resources at their disposal to crush the rioters is surely  a heavy  handed  approach on innocent citizens who are merely expressing their dissatisfaction with the system.

Blacks and Asians in the United Kingdom are exposed to serious racial discrimination and high unemployment.  One expected the politicians in the United Kingdom to understand the root causes of the unrest instead of taking draconian measures which only exacerbate the situation.  The simmering unrest stems from the financial crisis related to funding of unjust wars in Libya and Afghanistan.  Britain no longer have enough resources to mount such costly wars.

David Cameroon dismissed the role of human rights groups in a nation which claims to be the custodian of human rights the world over.  This exposes the hypocrisy of the United Kingdom Government which sponsors the so called human rights groups in Zimbabwe.

If the riots had occurred in Zimbabwe, he would have told our government to respect human rights and good governance and at the same time called for a regime change.

The riots are a blessing in disguise as they will force the British government to realise their mistake in Libya, where its air force has killed many innocent civilians in what can best be described as genocide against the Libyan people.

The British government’s heavy handedness only shows that our former colonisers are not in any way qualified to lecture us on human rights and good governance issues.

The British have been using the false information they get from their surrogate, the MDC-T to attack ZANU PF left, right and centre.  Recently the BBC Panorama programme carried a false report claiming that there were security torture bases in Marange Diamond fields.  Both the MDC-T  MP and NGO KPC point in the area  refuted the BBC report.

For the record, ZANU PF does not have militia bases in rural areas neither do we intend to have them.

It is therefore, wrong for the British government to make statements on Zimbabwe based on false information obtained from MDC and their NGO agents masquerading as human rights groups.



Cde R.E.N. Gumbo (Senator)

Secretary for Information and Publicity – Zanu PF Politburo