zvoma-austin.jpgThe Clerk of Parliament, Mr Austin Zvoma has likened the just-ended polls in Britain to what happened in Zimbabwe after the 2008 elections.


He said a hung parliament means none of the three major contestants won the elections as dictated by the constitution, hence the negotiations among the three parties are not a permanent solution to a stable government.


Cde Zvoma said the situation in Britain is only temporary and the government can fall anytime due to ideological and policy differences among the three parties.



He said a hung parliament also tells the world that there is no perfect system including the oldest parliament democracy as seen in the recent British elections were some voters were turned away before voting.


He said the situation on the ground is educative for people to know that there are imperfections in holding elections and it is always a learning curve.


Meanwhile, Mr David Cameron has been appointed the new British Prime Minister.


This follows the resignation of Mr Gordon Brown who lost in last week’s general election.


Several political analysts described the outgoing prime minister as a failure and a war monger.


The outgoing Labour Government mobilised the western world to impose illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe after the Zanu-PF government embarked on a land reform programme to redress past colonial land imbalances.