It was all smiles for the Zireni family as Bridget who was suffering from a rare stomach condition was discharged from Chitungwiza Central Hospital after a successful operation.

All hope which has been lost after suffering with a rare condition of having a swollen stomach for more than four years has been renewed for the Zireni family especially for young Bridget as she was discharged from Chitungwiza Hospital after a successful abdomen growth operation.

Bridget’s story was written and broadcasted on several media platforms and she got assistance from Chitungwiza Central Hospital which undertook an abdomen operation on her free of charge.

The 16 year old Bridget just like any other teenage girl is looking forward to go back to school and lead a normal life.

Though she still needs constant medical monitoring, Bridget’s parents said they are grateful for the assistance they received as they had lost all hope thinking it was a spiritual condition.

Chitungwiza Central Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Dr Obadiah Moyo said the story of Bridget

 shows that if Zimbabweans work together a lot can be achieved.

18kgs of growth was removed from Bridget’s abdomen after receiving assistance from several well-wishers including Mrs Mary Chiwenga the wife of the Vice President Dr Constantino Chiwenga.