Her dream was to become a pilot and for years, she clung dearly to mother life until the moment she could fight no more and lost the battle to a skin cancer called Zeroderma Pigmentosa.

The brave young girl, Bridget Mandimutsira, who had became a national face, succumbed to the disease over the weekend and was laid to rest at Zororo Memorial Park in Harare yesterday.

Cancer has become more deadly than the manageable HIV and AIDS and the story of the 10- year-old Bridget speaks to this truth.

Bridget’s story brought a nation together, as well wishers who included the first citizen, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, did all in their powers to assist ease Bridget’s pain and get her treated, probably glorifying an East African proverb which goes: ‘I am Because We Are.’

With a will power of a Samurai, she bravely faced each day as it comes for over 10 years and in this whole journey, the love of a mother helped ease the burden for young Bridget.

Even in grief today the mother has remained grateful that Zimbabweans helped her in raising her child.

“I am grateful for what the people of Zimbabwe did to me. It was not going to be possible for my daughter to live up to 10 years without the support of many well wishers who ensured that she got all the treatment,” said Ms Benedict Makumbe.

The ZBC News aired the young girl’s story from when the child was two years old, when the mother was looking for financial assistance to enable her go for routine medical check-ups. Her story continued to be highlighted every time financial need arose, but on Saturday, the 8th of December, it was time up for Bridget who had turned 10 years old on the 29th of November.