The growing business of brick moulding and selling in Mount Hampden has left environment officials in a catch 22 situation on what move to take to avoid continued degradation.

It is business as usual in Mt Hampden where hundreds of people are employed in this brisk brick moulding business.

A visit to the site saw men and women running up and down carrying moulding trays while others were already selling the finished products.

In the process, a serious environmental degradation trail is left behind all in the search for income.

An aerial view of the site paints a bleak future for generations to come as gullies and destruction of flora and fauna have made the area look deplorable.

With no proper ablution facilities and water filling up the deep gullies the health concerns are escalated.

Environmental Management Agency (EMA) Spokesperson, Mr Steady Kangata said it is a concern they have tried to raise with the moulders, calling on them to embark on sustainable ways of conducting business.

“We are calling for a sustainable way of doing things. There is need to save the environment as these people moulding bricks are not the last generation,” he said.

With no land reclamation exercise in place, the huge gullies are now fast expanding towards the highway and if no action is taken, the future of the Harare – Chinhoyi road and railway network is under severe threat.