Local analysts say the process triggered by British prime minister to exit the European Union will not be easy.

In separate interviews in Harare today, local analysts say some regions of the United Kingdom did not want to exit the 28 member organisation, while others are already regretting the move for fear of the outcomes of the divorce on Britain.

The exiting negotiations under article 50 of the EU Treaty were triggered by prime minister Theresa May some two days ago.

Some onlookers say the United Kingdom may not get an easy deal as other EU member states would want to discourage similar developments happening.

University of Zimbabwe historian Dr Kenneth Dzutsumwa Manungo said there is uncertainty in the United Kingdom as to what the future holds but the impact on the currency is not that high.

Another analyst Retired Brigadier General David Chiweza, a former diplomat said Brexit is the beginning of the end of global economic groupings.

He said after Britain voted to move out of the 28 member economic block, the United States under Donald Trump, has also announced that it is pulling out of the North Atlantic Treaty Free Trade Area and the Transpacific partnership .

The United Kingdom voted to leave the EU on the 23rd of June last year, and nine months down the line, Britain is making moves to officially divorce after over 40 years of marriage with the European Union.