Eight miners have been rescued following the Kadoma mine disaster where suspected scores of miners lost their lives on Wednesday this week. The first is said to have been rescued at around 07:10 hours this morning. The eight rescued have since received medical attention, are in a stable condition and have been ferried to hospital. Efforts to retrieve the bodies of those who succumbed to carbon monoxide and gassing are underway. Deputy Government Mining Engineer Mr Tapererwa Paswavaviri who is on the ground said the dewatering process of the mines in process but, however, the rains are disturbing the efforts. Given the magnitude of the disaster, Local Government, public works and National housing Minister Cde July Moyo is therefore appealing to individuals, development partners and the corporate world for assistance in cash or kind. Over 30 miners trapped at Silver Moon and Cricket Mine in Muzvezve were flooded following the collapse of a ridge to a water weir which resulted in the water released downstream. The flowing mass of water filled up several shafts including the two used by the over 30 miners to get into the tunnel. Details to follow: