Afonso Dhlakama, the leader of Mozambique opposition Renamo has died.

Tim, Televisão Independente de Moçambique, reports that Dhlakama, Renamo leader since 1979 died of heart attack today at the age of 65.

He has been in hiding since 2013 in the remote Gorongosa Mountains as sporadic conflict erupted in the country.

Recently, Dhlakama held meetings with President Filipe Nyusi and was seen as playing a key role in the country’s developing peace process.

Renamo has long sought greater decentralisation of power and better integration of its supporters into the police and military, which remained sticking points in discussions.

Mozambique will hold presidential, legislative and provincial elections in October- 2019, with observers saying Renamo has recently increased its public support.

Frelimo has ruled the country since independence from Portugal in 1975.