bread 18-08-10.jpgThe Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe has warned against the impending price hikes of bread and other wheat-related products following the ban of wheat exports by the world’s largest producer, Russia.

The effects of the ban on the exportation of cereal by Russia is sending shivers in the local baking industry and the Grain Millers Association which has warned that prices might go up in the next few weeks.

The development is coming hard on the local industry which has been affected by the failure to plant the projected hectarage during the winter wheat season which has seen farmers putting a mere 10 000 hectares out of a possible hectarage of 70 000.

grain millers association chairman 18-08-10.jpgGrain Millers Association of Zimbabwe Chairman, Mr Tafadzwa Musarara said the association has already passed a resolution to adjust the price of flour and related products by about 25%.

“The world’s wheat price has shot up by about 80%, so in the next few days flour prices are going to go up and ultimately products such as bread, pasta and other related products are going to go up,” said Mr Musarara.

Early this month, Russia announced it had banned wheat exports for the rest of the year with effect from last Sunday after 20% of the country’s cereal crops were destroyed by drought and fires.

Zimbabwe’s wheat imports are poised to hit a record high this year as output plunges to an all-time low as few hectares have been planted owing to the late availing of inputs.