The Braille Department at the Bulawayo Public Library is on a campaign for access to information for the visually impaired through the assistance of its goodwill ambassadors and local musicians, Sulumani Chimbetu and Clarence Garura.

Speaking at a breakfast meeting held at the Bulawayo Public Library, Gurura said the visually impaired should not be segregated but be allowed to access and use ordinary computers and phones just like other people with perfect sight through the use of screen reading software.

Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Community Development, patron of the organisers, Mr Gilbert Mzenzi Mabasa said there are future plans to equip the department with computers, among other resources.

He added that the department is also set to start a business to help the Braille section.

The Bulawayo Public Library has partnered with the business community in its continued call for the Zimbabwe community to help empower the visually impaired through equipping the Braille section of the public library.