bp spill.jpgFollowing the discovery of some previously unknown species of batfish in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the BP oil spill, environmentalists believe the ecological disaster has far reaching long term effects on the global environment.

Researchers identified new species of pancake batfishes living right in the area affected by the BP Oil spill which has been rated the worst oil spill disaster in history, causing 5 000 barrels of oil to leak a day into the sea for the last three months.


Environmentalists say even if the flow of oil is chocked off, the spill has already damaged and devastated everything from the region’s multi-billion-dollar beach tourism to the fishing industry.

Environment Africa Executive Director, Charlene Hewitt said industry should take the leading role in protecting the environment, adding that the BP Oil spill has long term impacts on the globe which is currently experiencing climate change and global warming as a result of carbon emissions.

Regional Environment Organisation, ZERO Acting Director, Mr Shepard Zvigadza concurred that the world will in the long run feel the effects of the oil spill, considering that carbon emissions from the spilling oil equally destroy the ozone layer exposing the earth to heat resulting in global warming.

Ever since the oil spill began three months ago a number of sea dwelling organisms have been affected in the Gulf of Mexico and the discovery of new species of aquatic life has led scientist to underscore the potential loss of biodiversity caused by the disaster.

Scientists believe they have discovered more than 10 new marine species by using the latest diving technology during a groundbreaking study.