A fifteen year old boy from Penhalonga, Pharoah Mudenha, has captured the hearts of many with his detailed drawings and sculptures.

Pharoah started drawing at a tender age without any formal lessons.

Later on during his primary school days, his teacher assisted him to master the art of shading and painting techniques.

He has since taken up sculpting.

“Drawing is my talent and my teacher from primary helped me to master shading and other techniques. This year I started learning how to sculpture. No one helps me, I teach myself and I do not have tools, so I use an old knife,” he said.

Some of his drawings include portraits of prominent figures, politicians and musicians.

“Every time I see the president’s pictures I just like drawing him. I would like to get sponsorship so that I can do well in life and help my parents,” Pharoah added.

The works of Pharaoh Mudenha speak of the success that comes with defying all odds.

He hopes that one day enough resources will be availed to him so that he becomes a full time visual artist.