boxing man.jpgFive bouts are on the bill in Saturday’s Ochi City boxing tournament, which is the first of several monthly tournaments aimed at the revival of the sport in Zimbabwe.


Boxing has taken a retrogressive step in recent years due to limited sponsorship, culminating in a few tournaments being staged.

This has compelled Ochi City to embark on a mission to revive the sport through a special sponsorship programme with the ultimate goal being the staging of monthly tournaments.

A representative of the sponsors, Simba Kashambe said it’s their desire to see boxing emerging from the doldrums and taking its rightful place alongside other mainstream sports as it did back in the old days.

“We have noticed that boxing is dying because of lack of sponsorship. That’s why we’re coming on board to sponsor and ensure that the sport grows once again. Eventually we want to hold tournaments every month which will be good for the boxers.” Said Kashambe.


Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Boxing and Wrestling Control Board, Patrick Mukondiwa said the staging of the competition is a welcome development in light of the dwindling number of tournaments on the domestic front this year.

“This is a very good move considering there have only been two or three tournaments this year. It’s a positive move because boxers will be in action on a regular basis, meaning they’ll be in constant physical and mental condition. Special thanks to Commissioner Chibage for promoting the fight,”Mukondiwa said.

The Ochi City boxing tournament scheduled for Saturday will feature five bouts. Three of the bouts on the bill are for men, with the remaining two being for women.