Popular-known musical group, the Born Free Crew, has donated a housing stand to Tsitsi Banda, wife to the late member of the group, Leeroy Nyamande who died in a car accident recently.

Handing over the stand to Tsitsi in Harare’s Dzivarasekwa suburb, the group’s founding members, Bruce Machingura and Anusa Dulana pledged to continue looking after Leeroy’s family and also promised to construct the house on the 300m2.

Accepting the stand, the wife of the late expressed gratitude to the Born Free Crew saying the present of a stand came to her as a surprise and wished members of the band a brighter future.

The Born Free Crew also pledged to send Leeroy’s children to school as part of their contribution to the family of their late crew member who died at the age of 25 and left behind two children.