tsvangirai bookleak.pngA journalist, who was once the Editor of the ZCTU monthly publication, The Worker, David Muzhuzha has published a book that unravels a previously untold story.

Once an insider in the ZCTU as Editor of The Worker, Mazhuzha’s latest book, A Travesty of Democracythe Untold Story, reveals that the MDC-T leader, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai started advocating for regime change while still with ZCTU.

The author relates how the Working People’s Conventions in early 1999, tasked with discussing the ‘Beyond ESAP’ programmes, were turned by Tsvangirai and his loyalists and a few non-governmental organisations into a vehicle for the creation of the MDC.

Journalist David Muzhuzha, who saw the launch of the MDC in 1999 in the belly of the workers body, illustrates in the book how Tsvangirai pilfered the cause of the worker for his own greedy political good.

Apart from his cronies at Chester House who saw an opportunity in Tsvangirai’s political adventure, Tsvangirai had the support of European and American trade union bodies that clandestinely funded his political run through ZCTU.

The result was the change in fortunes for the MDC, becoming the rallying point for retrogressive forces of colonial extraction.

Muzhuzha graphically captures it in his book.

The British government, through the then British Minister for Africa, Lord Triesman, even weighed in support of MDC.

And that was years before WikiLeaks.

Muzhuzha writes that Tsvangirai and his MDC thus became a trojan horse in challenging the revolutionary Zanu PF party and President Mugabe, which eventually led to the formation of the inclusive government in 2009 after a hung parliament and inconclusive Presidential elections.