Motivated by the desire to showcase and promote the Sotho culture, Bolamba Performing Arts from Kafusi in Gwanda south has continued to enthrall audiences with their brilliant traditional dances such as setapa and tsutsube which depict the Sotho people’s way of life.

The group has since recorded a six track album titled “Kenako Ea Setso”.

The dancers who are usually an equal mix of men and women dress in animal skin and wear shells around their ankles while some male dancers also blow whistles to accompany  the traditional Sotho songs.

According to Bolamba Performing Arts most of the dances have a meaning.

There are dances -meant to celebrate successful hunts by the Sotho people who were hunter gatherers.

There is also a dance to request for rain, celebrate occasions such as weddings as well as those of courtship.

What is particularly striking about the Sotho dancers is not their energetic moves but their happy faces.

Bolamba Performing Arts said the group seeks to ensure that the Sotho culture never dies.

The group has had the opportunity to perform in South Africa on two occasions and is looking to showcase their talent and culture to international audiences as well collaborate with other artists.