tobacco floors sale.jpgThe Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) which is the arbitrator of a legal battle between ZITAC and Boka Investments has taken a final decision to give the licence to trade tobacco to Boka Investments as the marketing authority moves in to bring sanity at tobacco auction floors.


As the legal battle between ZITAC and Boka Investment continues, TIMB has decided to give a licence to Boka Investment to buy the golden leaf this season.


TIMB chairman, Mr. Njodzi Machirori said the decision to give Boka Investment the license was reached after the authority was indicted by the court not to give license to ZITAC.

The decision to give Boka Investment a license was welcomed by the Zimbabwe Progressive Tobacco Farmers Union speaking through its President Mr. Nicholas Kapungu  who accused ZITAC of robbing farmers and providing poor services last season. 


Asked whether they have the capacity to buy tobacco this season, Rudo Boka of Boka Investments said they are prepared to transform Boka auction floors into a viable entity that will take the tobacco industry to greater heights.


When ZBC news visited the auction floors, workers from Boka Investments were busy cleaning the premises ahead of the opening of the floors set for the 15 of next month.


Notwithstanding the legal battle between the two, TIMB believes it has taken a right decision as an arbitrator to give Boka a license as it has taken heed of farmers call to provide proper payment system, shelter and toilets.


During his visit last year the Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe expressed concern over the way farmers were being treated at the auction floors and it is the hope of farmers that the move by TIMB will bring order in the tobacco industry.