Milling company, Blue Ribbon has allegedly fired three employees, accusing them of revealing to ZBC News that they have not received salaries for four months.

Although it is most companies’ policy its employees not to speak to the media, questions have been raised over the policy’s muzzling of most poor employees who are often subjected to abuse and ill-treatment from their employers.

Last week ZBC News spoke to three Blue Ribbon employees, who were raising concerns after going for four months without a salary.

Their clothing also tell a strong story of the company’s image be it financially or otherwise.

For raising their voices the three are now jobless.

An unsuspecting Blue Ribbon Mbare Depot Manager, Mr Daniel Taruwanza could not give this crew an interview on the matter involving the three, referring all questions to the CEO, who despite several attempts has failed to be reachable.

Many people are wondering what trade unions will say about this fast becoming habit by employers who continue to infringe the rights of many workers in a free Zimbabwe that is speaking high and mighty on indigenisation policies.