Demand for blood has shot up since the government reduced the cost for the commodity, forcing the National Blood Services Zimbabwe (NBSZ) to go in to an overdrive to mobilise communities to donate the precious liquid to avert shortages.

Late last year, the government ordered the reduction of blood from $120 to $80 a pint in a move that triggered high demand of the precious liquid.

In Bulawayo, the NBSZ has partnered churches and the community to mobilise youths and the elderly between the age of 16 to 65, to come on board and make a significant contribution towards blood donations.

The organization’s Planning and Recruitment Officer, Mr Sifundo Ngwenya said the campaign proves to be yielding positive results.

Stop Suffering Heath Coordinator, Mrs Jessica Mukogo, whose organisation has partnered NBSZ in the campaign, and some blood donors told the ZBC News that giving blood is every citizen’s responsibility as it saves lives.

The nation is heading towards the Easter holidays and Zimbabweans have been urged to donate the precious liquid as the country normally experiences an upsurge in road traffic accidents.