After graduating with a Diploma in Education, 36 year old Mavis Simango had hope she will get a formal job and fend for her family, but the blind secondary school teacher now survives on subsistence farming as she is struggling to get employment.

After qualifying as a geography and shona teacher at Morgenster Teachers College the unassuming blind teacher Simango saw a bright future ahead of her, but that future she dreamt about seem to be slowly fading as she cannot find employment despite having a qualification.

To make ends meet Simango has turned to subsistence farming and her husband who is also blind is still begging in the rough streets of Johannesburg.

Born in a poor village in Zaka Simango who lost her eye sight after suffering from measles defied all odds to become a secondary school teacher a path which she says was not a mean fit.

After completing her ordinary level Simango got married to her sweetheart who is also blind and together they went to South Africa in search of greener pastures.

In South Africa they started off as beggars and later opened a small business of buying and selling and through that small business they managed to build a six roomed house which is almost complete now.

Simango who is into full time farming now uses her sense of touch and smell to weed her garden something she does with ease, although at times her three year old son gives her a helping hand mostly she does her household chores including fetching firewood and water without any assistance.

In a telephone interview with ZBC Midlands provincial education director, Mrs Agnes Gudo said they were not recruiting except for physics, maths and biology teachers were there is a huge gap, but once they get the green light from the ministry to recruit, people like Simango will definitely be considered for available posts.