Farming in Zimbabwe is a viable venture, opening visions even for those who cannot see.

The story of the 43 year old Yamurai Choruva of Kasenze Village in Rushinga, a visually impaired farmer, is one of the most captivating stories in Zimbabwe.

Born with this disabiilty, the farmer said he developed a passion for this sector at a tender age, developing skills that have made him outstand and outperform many farmers who can see in his area.

On this drizzly day, Choruva gathered his family around a small fire.

The intimacy with his siblings filled part of our conversation, and he confirmed that his family is his primary focus which drives him to continue farming.

Choruva can do everything which most of his peers can, and his ability to navigate through the task of selecting weeds from the crops demonstrates his advanced skill in this sector.

“I use my sense of touch to do weeding. So I have to use my hands. I touch around the plants and I can feel the difference between weeds and crops and I pull out the weeds,” he said.

Choruva may be blind, but he has seen an opportunity to guarantee food security around his family.