The country’s fabric and garment industry faces a bleak future that might see thousands of workers losing jobs as well as traders closing shop.

The country’s fabric and garment industry is in the intensive care unit following revelations that two local authorised suppliers of fabric and garment can only supply 50 000 metres of garment per month  against a monthly requirement of 300 000 metres to the 450 retail shops in the country, notes Mr Mian Sahail, the chairperson of Trade Union Harare Chapter.

Players in the sector are appealing to the government for the liberalisation of tax laws governing the importation of fabric and garment as the current tax levels of up to 60 percent are unsustainable and not competitive compared to the region and will ultimately drive them out of business that will culminate in thousands of people losing their livelihoods since they depend on the sector.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s clarion call has been centered around economics and engagement and against this background the country’s fabric and garment industry hopes their plight will be addressed as a matter of urgency.