tendai biti 2 05-10-10.jpgAnalysts have expressed disappointment with the removal of rebates on clothes saying the initiative which has been resisted at face value by Zimbabweans clearly shows that the Ministry involved implemented the policy before carrying out wide consultations.


Analysts say the Ministry of Finance did not carry out wide consultations when scrapping travellers’ rebates on clothing items.

Professional Hunters Association of Southern Africa President, Mr. Emmanuel Fundira said though the initiative is meant to protect the local textile industry, it instead encourages smuggling and underhand deals.

Hotel Association of Zimbabwe Vice President, Mr. Tamuka Macheka said such an initiative discourages travel among Zimbabweans and tourists from the region and abroad, adding that ZIMRA and Ministry of Finance lost sight of the bigger picture in tourism where all sectors have to work together.

“It discourages travel and the giving of gifts which is within our culture. We need to look into how our competitors are doing business so that we are not left alone with no tourists and no customers to purchase our tourism products,” said Mr Macheka.

zimra 17-10-11.jpgZimbabweans who spoke to ZBC News said the policy should be reversed considering that Zimbabwe is the first to implement such a policy in the SADC region.

With effect from the 1st of January this year, Zimbabwe scrapped travellers rebate on clothing items.

This also saw ZIMRA intensifying searches for these goods resulting in thorough body searches which have been condemned by business, ordinary Zimbabweans and tourists who say it is a step backwards in terms of the country’s economic recovery.