tendai biti 26-11-10.jpgAnalysts say Finance Minister, Mr. Tendai Biti who is refusing to award civil servants salary increments has become a servant of the International Monetary Fund which is dictating that increasing the salaries of government workers will destroy the economy.

The IMF team which was in the country last week is said to have influenced Mr.  Biti not to award civil servants salary increments saying the move will have serious implications on the economy.

Civil servants failed to get their much awaited salary increments this month prompting some workers unions to call for industrial action.

Political analyst, Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa says Zimbabwe is a sovereign country and no international body should be allowed to dictate how to run the economy, adding that such policies are only making civil servants sacrificial lambs.

“Biti’s priorities should be questioned as he has the audacity to procure vehicles worth US$10 million for senior government officials while the ordinary civil servants are wallowing in abject poverty,” Ambassador Mutsvangwa said.

Despite being controlled by the IMF leash, Minister Biti has claimed that he can only increase civil servants’ salaries after an audit of government workers.

However, economic analyst Mr. Chris Kasiyazi said Biti’s failure to award civil servants salary increments will only result in political upheaval and explains why he is working in cahoots with the IMF.

The International Monetary Fund is notorious for prescribing half baked policies to 3rd World countries such as the Economic Structural Adjustment Programme  (ESAP) which Zimbabwe adopted in 1990, resulting in the suffering of ordinary people.