mukonoweshuro1.jpgPublic Service Minister Professor Eliphas Mukonoweshuro has hit out hard at Finance Minister Tendai Biti dismissing his statements alleging government had frozen the salaries of civil servants.


Professor Mukonoweshuro said Mr Biti is not a super minister and should not override government policy formulated and approved by cabinet. 


Professor Mukonoweshuro said government policies are formulated in cabinet and currently there has not been any deliberation on the issue of civil servants’ salaries.


He said he is the responsible minister for civil servants and no other should issue statements on his behalf clearly indicating an earlier pronouncement by Finance Minister Mr. Tendai Biti on salary freezes for government workers  as null and void.



“This government does not operate on the basis of super ministers who may frequently arrogate themselves responsibilities that are neither in their present province of competence nor designated mandate.


“It is important for me to stress that all issues pertaining to the Ministry of Public Service portfolio, remuneration issues, conditions of service, human resources policy and management are the responsibility and central mandate of the responsible minister and no one else”.

Minister Mukonoweshuro also stated unequivocally that Prime Minister Mr Morgan Tsvangirai  had spoken definitively and conclusively on the issue of civil service remuneration and there is therefore no need for conflicting statements.


“I would like to state unequivocally that the Prime Minister has spoken most definitely and conclusively.


“There is no government policy to freeze civil service salaries at present. That is the position of government, which at the moment is cast in stone.”


Professor Mukonoweshuro however said government has launched three deliberate processes aimed at coming up with innovative measures to improve the salaries and conditions of service for civil servants.


He said a cabinet committee on resource mobilisation chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Ms. Thokozani Khupe and two others have been established.


“Government has established three committees chaired by the vice premiers. The fact that these are chaired at the highest level is clear demonstration of the governments’ commitment to ensuring that the salaries of the civil servants are improved.”


Finance Minister Tendai Biti announced that government had frozen civil servants salaries while Prime Minister Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai on Workers Day said there is no such policy in government.


 However according to Professor Mukonoweshuro government remains committed to improving the lives of civil servant whose salaries take up 70% of government’s budget.