tendai biti ed 18-10-10.jpgFinance Minister Tendai Biti has revealed deep frustrations with the United States of America whom he says is frustrating efforts to rebuild the economy.

Mr. Biti was speaking at a public dialogue forum in the capital this Thursday where he addressed participants on a topic entitled ‘Zimbabwe: Foundations of a New Zimbabwe’.

Mr. Biti accused America who has always been the MDC-T’s traditional allies for resisting to assist in the country’s economic recovery on the pretext of democracy.

“……..as America you need to engage Zimbabwe and support its economic programmes. Their answers (US) has been, no, no, let’s wait for democracy, let’s wait for elections. But you see, one of the greatest secrets to a democracy is a functional economy,” said Mr Biti.

Mr. Biti’s comments are bound to be an eye opening reality to the MDC-T that the West has no intention to see Zimbabwe make meaningful progress although the Western nation continues its octopus-like grip on the Morgan Tsvangirai-led movement.

The West imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe as a retaliatory measure for the country’s land reform programme.

With the MDC-T having served as an important arm of the West’s politicking, analysts say it is high time the party charted a new course if it is to remain relevant in local politics.