trees.jpgGovernment says it is concerned with the continued destabilisation of the ecosystem due to human activities which have led to poverty and weakened ability to adapt to threats of climate change.


The year 2010 has been declared the International Year of Biodiversity by the United Nations General Assembly after the realisation that there is continued loss of the peaceful co-existence of nature on earth.


As preparations for the commemorations of the International Year of Biodiversity which falls on the 22nd of this month gears up, government says it is concerned that as human population increases it is putting pressure on the ecosystem thus destroying natural resources at an alarming rate.


Environment and Natural Resources Management Minister Cde Francis Nhema said the country is looking at putting in place policies and legislation that protect fisheries, flora and fauna.


“Biodiversity is therefore key to reducing poverty because it provides people with basic ecosystem goods and services such as food, fibre and medicine and services such as air and water purification, climate regulation, erosion control and nutrient cycling.,” said Cde Nhema.


The conversion of forests to agricultural land, overgrazing, unsustainable management, introduction of invasive alien species, infrastructure development, mining and oil exploitation, man made fires, pollution and climate change are all impacting negatively on biodiversity.


This year’s International Year of Biodivesity commemorations will be held at Prince Edward on Friday under the theme  “Biodiversity for Development and Poverty Alleviation.”